The Rhizome Program was initiated by Divergent Labs board on Feb 26, 2014 with a goal of providing a mechanism for translating ideas for economic empowerment of disabled and disenfranchised people into the actual economy that would serve this purpose.

The name [Rhizome] symbolizes the mechanism which is common in nature and is currently at work revolutionizing modern social and cultural sphere, but has not yet been consistently attempted in the area of evolving economy, and specifically for and by disabled people. This is a radical experiment which time we believe has come.

This page contains links to public information regarding the Rhizome program. It is a compilation of internal documents adapted by the board at the inception of this program, as well as other documents of reference. The titles of these documents [linked] and the short descriptions are listed below.

  1. The Rhizome Program document (PDF) – containing program guidelines and statutes regarding administration, principles, purpose, intellectual property, and other considerations governing the program (Feb 26,2014).
  2. The Rhizome Program Management document (PDF) – describing the management panel that will administer this program, its creation, the way it functions, and the responsibilities of the panel members, project managers, and project curators (Feb 26, 2014).
  3. The Rhizome Program Process document (PDF) – describing the process for introduction of ideas by submitting motions, basic moderation, inception of projects, project management, and project evolution. (Mar 15, 2014)
  4. The Rhizome Financial Transactions document (PDF) – details a proposed handling of financials for Rhizome program. The main premise is that Rhizome financials are to be handled in the same manner as other programs of Divergent Labs. The document details the requirements and the responsibilities of managers and curators of Rhizome projects. (May 2015)

Any new documents of general nature related to this program [not specific to a particular project] will be added to the above list.