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A small team of creative, professional developers using a plan-ahead methodology that ensures all your requirements are met within the pre-approved budget. Integrity is always first. 

Selected Portfolio


Divergent Labs (DL) automates data management for business and government, with a specialty in connecting different systems seamlessly – such as web, mobile apps, centralized and distributed databases and data conversions. The unique benefits of DL are our highly maintainable, documented products that handle every last detail, and management experience and expertise that yield on-time on-budget deliveries.

As a small flexible team, the lead engineer is involved in all stages of the projects, and projects can be completed in less time than is typical of larger companies. DL was established in 2013 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for adult autistic programmers while delivering the highest standard of programming services.

Divergent Labs develops programming scaled to the individual requirements unique to each client and industry.

  • Transportation & City Planning – Models and predictive analysis
  • Health Care and Human Services – Clinical Content Management, Pharmaceutical Tools, Hospital Databases, Medical Device Communications
  • Financial – E-commerce, Accounting, Fundraising
  • Mobile Applications – Social Networks, Gaming
  • Enterprise – Time-tracking, Scheduling, Inventory, Customizable Business Logic

Also see our 1-page Capabilities Statement.

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