Autistic Grievance

[1] – The congressional acts – Vocational rehabilitation act of 1973, superseded by Rehabilitation act of 1973, civil rights of institutionalized persons Act of 1980 (CRIPA) ,  Americans with disability act of 1990 (ADA),  IDEA -1990.  Amended 1997, 2004, originally education for all handicapped children act 1975]
[2 – ]
[3 – Cleburne. V. Cleburne, Inc.  Scholar
[4 – evolution of recognition of Mental Disorders by American Psychiatric Association – Dsm-5, 2013; Dsm4-1994; Dsm-III – the diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders by American Psychiatric Association 1952, revised 1987].
[5 – M. Kirschner  “The Plausibility of Life”]
[6- Basically all their ofspring in view of the environmental and other changes is capable under these inducing conditions express themselves in an autistic fashion – through tiny differences that begin in the embryos, by selecting autistic choice of traits and adaptations of the body, as it develops into an extremely sensitive mechanism with exceptionally robust physic, capable of withstanding cold and heat by a few degrees and for longer periods of time, as autistics often do; their brain larger and taking longer time to develop [compare chimpanzee to a human], with maturation delayed; implying delayed bodily control, a delayed speech, and perhaps none at all [it’s been speculated that in some the sensitivity is so heightened that they can sensibly perceive the electromagnetic and other forces emanating from our brains, amplifying and interpreting them, rather then our speech, and wondering what is wrong with us, not communicating].