Autistic Grievance

Autistic Grievance

It’s been over 100 years since our Freedom and Rights were taken away by the xenophobia of 20th century – But the World has evolved, Humanity has entered a new Era – it is an era of Human movement towards Equality. We are witnessing incredible changes and we too are seeking acceptance, inclusion, and societal arrangements which would allow us to reenter Society as free people with equal rights.

Autistic Grievance is an Expose that addresses all the areas of dehumanizing  “autism solution” – eugenics, cure, intervention, human experimentation, segregation, denial of human rights, and lifelong captivity. 

But Autistic Grievance is also a Movement. It is envisioned as a Petition to the Government requiring 100,000 signatures in order to be considered, yet we know that it would need millions to advance. Autistic Grievance must become a Disability movement for our Grievance to succeed. This is our challenge and it will test ourselves and our allies, and all the humanity. We live in the fast changing time, and we have come to the time of challenge.

A proposed structure of Autistic Grievance:    

This is a multi-faced project and we are in a process of forming a team to work on all the aspects of the project. 

Our Slogan – Return our Freedom – Return our Rights!

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