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4/15/19 – We have completed the first stage of Project 19 – the Preparation stage and are entering the Gathering stage. This stage will require joint efforts of our community. We call on all of you!

4/10/19 – On April 24, join your local wait-in to #StopTheShock! Next Wednesday, April 24th, will mark 5 years since the FDA’s first hearing on electric shock devices. To mark the anniversary, we’ll be gathering in our communities for a day of action – and we need YOU to join us! Whether you have 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours you can make a real difference
by reminding the FDA that #WeAreStillWaiting for the ban.
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12/19/18 – Introducing Rhizome Program of Divergent Labs to ASDE

Dear Amy  –  [Amy Shrodes, Marketing and Development Manager, ASDE] –
Thank you for all the good work – we’ve received a confirmation for our OM entry from ASDE and have made some changes to our web site – it is still work in progress – but please find here our Pledge to support ASDE.   In a meantime  could you please help to deliver the following text to ASDE web team to be used as our organization’s Resource Introduction:

“The work that we do is largely on behalf of autistic people and covers all the phases of their life. We are discovering and creating autistic spaces – places with the heart – where all children thrive and learn. We teach how to walk with grace and confidence, and be comfortable anywhere in the world…how to be stewards and shepherds of our world. We are represented by a dynamic all-inclusive self-advocate volunteer service”

NOTABLE in DL introduction above is an announcement of Rhizome Volunteer Service‘ –  a business entity that is non-profit and works on donations of our time with support from people we serve.

To organize this service specifically addressing the entire spectrum of disqualifications of ASD and I/DD – we would need help of ASAN and other autistic self-advocates.  It is good to serve in good faith and be rewarded.

12/14/18 – Letter to ASDE leadership offering DL Retreats (Ocate Cliffs and GAIA) as Educational Grounds to ASDE  Self-learners:

  • We’d like to inform ASDE leadership that our [Divergent Labs] Retreat programs – Ocate Cliffs and GAIA –  will be offering our grounds in 2019 to ASDE Self-learners by donation, without set fee.  (Ocate Cliffs in New Mexico is a 150+ acre retreat at 9000′ on a top of mesa in a spectacular area near Taos. GAIA Rhizome retreat in NY is a Yurt and tenting retreat in Adirondack Mountains at a convergence of upper Hudson and Siamese wilderness).

Our Slogan – Return our Freedom – Return our Rights!

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