People in Rhizome program are a part of Divergent Labs Tribe


1. Rhizome Tribe

Supporters and Volunteers of Rhizome movement are members of Rhizome Tribe. They are  guided by the same principles and rules that guide Rhizome Core. They are supported by Rhizome Core and they support Rhizome Core and Rhizome projects.  If you agree with the Principles and Objectives of Rhizome program then YOU are Welcome to Join us.  There is no pressure in being a supporter and in becoming a volunteer.

See Contact page info on how to become a Supporter.  See Projects & Motions for volunteering opportunities (&Tribe needs 

2. Rhizome Core

Each of us was vouched in by another member, each of us is trusted to vouch a new member. Our group is built from Within. We have a simple Governing system and a Process for doing things. We share a common Purpose – “A better world for our people and other disabled and disenfranchised people” –  The Divergent Labs mission – a better world for all.  We are growing.

3. Rhizome Management Panel

The panel has grown to five members (as of October 2014):

  • Amik Nafte
  • Star Ford
  • Vicky Blum
  • Bob Castleman
  • Chris Strayer

4. Divergent Labs Board of Directors

See list on main web site.