Rhizome Program


Let us introduce ourselves: We are Divergent Labs – a laboratory for Autistic achievement;  Rhizome Program is our testing grounds.  “Autistic” in our context signifies not a disability, but the essence of existential Difference that is at the core of Innovation – Progress is not achieved by sameness and imitation, but via divergence of minds and vision.  In this light the ‘Autistic achievement’ is effectively synonymous with ‘advancement of Humanity’.  This is a true meaning of Autism that our society needs to clearly understand and embrace moving forward.  

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The work  that we do is largely on behalf of autistic people and covers all the phases of their life and all and each one of us who are in need. We live in the time of autistic adversity; it surrounds us. There are multitudes of us segregated, traumatized from an early age, raised in bondage and indignity to the life of captivity and deprivation.  The freedom of choice – the God’s most precious gift has been taken away from the generations of autistic people, and the light they carry is being extinguished. That’s what is happening to Autistic people in our modern times all over the world. We are set to change it. This is our calling.

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Our Projects are guided by the principles and objectives of Autistic Rights movement.  Collaboration and non-profit are the guiding principles.  The goal of Rhizome program is to enable autistic people and our allies to create and manage initiatives and long term projects that advance our common goals and aspirations. One of the material things we offer people is 501c3 status in their own project space with many supports and the freedom to explore, to create, and to own what is developed by your efforts. 

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This program is a part of a Quest of our people for Liberty and Equality.  It is a part of Autistic Rights movement that started with Jim Sinclair and is in each of us.  It is about civil rights, equal opportunity and equal access, transforming education, and dismantling the dubious and profiteering autism machinery that preys on our children and adults.

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We have worked together as a group over the past seven years. Our organization has gained experience and strength. In  Dec. 2015 recognizing the need for Autistic Unity in a fast eroding world, we have drafted the Agenda of Autistic Rights.  In 2019 we have embarked on a path for emancipation of our people. We call on Autistic community, Autistic organizations,  and our allies to come together and unite our efforts.

See our Projects and InitiativesTake part in the Movement. We offer YOU the support of our Organization and our People.

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