edgeIf all this sounds exciting to you, what involvement do you want to have? Here are some ways you can be part of this project:

  • Sign up for the newsletter (see side of this page).
  • Watch our video and get a free T-shirt at the Two Friends Campaign.
  • Check out the Divergent Labs list of volunteer and donation needs and decide if you want to fulfill one or more of those.
  • Contact Star and discuss what you’re looking for, or if you plan to come help build, and we will open up the way that works for you.

Be on site

We also have opportunities to retreat here, volunteer on-site, or be one of the paid summer staff.

It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
– LJ Blum

Ocate Cliffs is important because we need to preserve our natural landscape while providing access for people of every ability and disability to access our natural landscapes in a way that is safe and comfortable for each person. It will bring people (both with disabilities and without) together to form community, build friendships, and create lifelong memories while enjoying the retreat center and the natural landscape.
– Kjensmo Walker