Purchased land in 2011, then met with county zoning manager, neighbors, planning board, and county commission. In July 2013 after seven hearings, the county approved of the project, allowing for 60 guests. That makes us the largest overnight facility in the county.

In the remaining time in the summer of 2013, we had the road repaired and new road built to the well site.


In 2014 we had our first work camp on the land. Since the water system and toilet weren’t completed, this was a primitive camping week, and we built things unrelated to buildings – like trails, tables and a treehouse.

By the end of the summer, we completed the water system (well pump, water tank, solar panels) and an evaporating toilet. This marks the milestone of being able to camp there in groups for a significant block of time.


2015 was the “crazy rain” year with nearly continuous rainfall all Spring and Summer, impeding building progress a lot. However, we still had a fun but very rainy two-week retreat.


This is the year of the staff house construction.


This is the year of the staff house finishing and our first hires.