About Us

A group of autistic people are building this retreat center from the ground up. The company, Divergent Labs, Inc., is a non-profit dedicated to the growth, empowerment, and inclusion of autistic people.


The manager of this project is Star Ford, an autistic author and software architect living in Albuquerque.

“I look at autism as an untapped potential for people to work and contribute to the world, not as a burden. The ‘treatment’
for autism is a supportive, sensory friendly and deeply accessible environment where a person is equal in power to the others around them, has autonomous control over their life, and has a social sphere that they help create. I started Ocate Cliffs to make that
place for me and others like me.”

Our board members are from around the country, and among us we have a variety of experience in construction, engineering, legal, finance, and non-profit management. (See board of directors.)

We’ve been featured on The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

For very detailed information about how the whole program works, see our Transparency page.