We are Divergent Labs.

Divergent Labs, Inc. connects great minds to big projects. Neuro-divergence (autism and related wiring differences) can be a great asset when the work environment is optimized for people to contribute effectively, but it can be a hindrance if not. Divergent Labs aims to unleash the contributions of undiscovered talented people on full throttle. We are creating autistic workspaces that make it possible for the genius, integrity, concern for details, and specialized focus that are the trademarks of the autistic mind to be expressed to and to create value.

Our Programs


Ocate Cliffs

The Ocate Cliffs program is in the process of building a mountain retreat center that will serve groups of 20-60 on a remote mesa top in Northern New Mexico.


The Rhizome program is an incubator of ideas for evolving Autistic Economy - a mutualistic sustainable economy by Autistic people and our allies for Autistic people and the Humanity at large.

Technical Services

The Technical Services program specializes in custom software development, databases, web applications, and mobile apps. We work for businesses and government. (NOT CURRENTLY OPERATING)

About Us


Divergent Labs, Inc. is a non-profit New Mexico corporation based in Albuquerque. Our purpose is advancing the economic status, educational status, spiritual growth, human rights, and representation in the public sphere of disabled and disenfranchised people.


Our board of directors consists of:
  • Crystal Western Ford
  • Michele Newman
  • Chris Strayer
  • David Hamilton
  • Stan Protigal
  • Samantha Bodwell
  • Jessie Bennett
  • Amik Nafte


Star Ford combines 20 years of experience in research and software development with entrepenurial spirit and ongoing advancements in cutting edge technology - including cloud services, Microsoft MVC and Entity Framework, javascript single-page apps, scalable architectures, and e-commerce.

Divergent Labs, Inc. serves industries as diverse as entertainment and healthcare, education and advertising. Technical expertise and personal one on one consultations with direct client to engineer access has helped Star Ford become a trusted engineer and problem solver.


In order to meet our policy of full transparency as a non-profit organization, we have posted on line the various IRS documents. Please see the document archive for these.

Contact Us

PO Box 121; Ocate, NM 87734-0121


Also see the contact page in each of the separate program web sites.

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